What to Expect

When attending a performance, the Long Bay Symphony wants all its patrons to be excited and ready to enjoy a great concert experience. To help you know what to expect ahead of time, we've come up with some tips and guidelines about what it's like to attend one of our events. If you can't find the answers you're looking for below, feel free to ask us by clicking below.
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Things to Consider

Here are some simple tips to to make sure your pre-show experience goes smoothly and you find your seat easily:

  • If you purchased tickets ahead of time, please have a virtual or paper version of your ticket ready so that you can check in as easily as possible.
  • Keep an eye out for ushers that can answer questions or help guide you to your seats.
  • Make sure cell phones are off or on silent mode

What to Watch For

To fully experience a Long Bay Symphony performance there are several things to watch for during the show:

  • Pay attention to the musicians on stage and watch their impressive instrument work and techniques
  • Watch how the maestro conducts and keeps the symphony coordinated and how his actions convey the mood of the music
  • Be aware of when intermission is, and make sure to plan accordingly

How to Dress

Attending an LBS concert is about the experience of watching masterful and unique musical performances, but we often get questions about what sort of fashion is appropriate for our events. Here are some guidelines:

  • There is no specific dress code or attire required to enter a Long Bay Symphony performance.
  • During the event, the musicians will dress in formal black attire.
  • We recommend that patrons wear something comfortable and dress up as much as you see fit for the occasion.

Bringing Children to a Show

Long Bay Symphony performances are all ages events and children are always welcome to attend a concert. However, if you plan to attend a show with your little ones, please be aware of the following:

  • Depending on the music and the program, some concerts may be more than 2 hours long.
  • We recommend getting information on the format of event ahead of time, as some concerts will be better suited than others for children to enjoy. For information, you are welcome to call us with questions or e-mail us by clicking here.
  • Tickets are required for all guests who require a seat. If you plan on holding your child on your lap throughout the duration of the event they do not need a ticket.
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